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Chicago Deportation and Removal Lawyer

Deportation and Removal trials are not considered Criminal Proceedings, although they have many similarities. When the Judge rules in a Deportation Proceeding, their rules must be followed to the letter. Deportation Hearings cannot be missed. For this reason, it is extremely important for individuals in removal proceedings to have effective representation. 

Immigration Consequences of Criminal Convictions

The Immigration and Nationality Act inflicts harsh sanctions on non-citizens in the United States who commit crimes. This area of immigration is under the jurisdiction of many agencies, including DHS, Court decisions, this is why it is crucial that you consult a Chicago Immigration Lawyer before accepting any Plea Agreement or contacting DHS after conviction is adjudicated. Our attorneys at the Odeh Law Group regularly consult with, and are consulted by, criminal defense attorneys. 


Waivers provide relief for individuals who may face harsh consequences for immigration violations. Chicago Immigration lawyers at the Odeh Law Group may be able to file petitions on behalf of our clients to allow them to remain in the United States despite being subject to grounds of removal including the ability to obtain legal status for those who are inadmissible or ineligible to enter the United States. There are numerous waivers available, the requirements for waivers are highly fact specific, this is why it is necessary to discuss the facts of your case with a Chicago immigration lawyer to determine which waivers may apply. 

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Our experience and knowledge of U.S. immigration laws and procedures gives us the opportunity to allow our clients to obtain temporary visas and green cards through a variety of options including; marriage, relatives, employment, investment, and the green card lottery. The most common types of visas, employment-based and family-based, will permit clients to come in to the US or remain in the United States. Employment-based visas grant a non-U.S. citizen the right to work in the United States and may allow spouses and children to sometimes accompany those employment-based immigrants. Based on an immediate relationship to a U.S. citizen, a family-based visa confers lawful permanent resident status to a foreign national.

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