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Chicago Temporary  Visa Lawyer

Chicago Temporary Non-Immigrant Visa Lawyer

Non-immigrant visas differ from each other in the kind of privileges they offer, including how long they last. When you 

get a non-immigrant visa, the U.S. government assumes you will be entering the U.S. to do a specific activity while

you are here.

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Hiring the best possible attorney can be the most important decision you can make in your life, it is much like a marriage. Our lawyers are authorized and qualified to assist you with your immigration cases, green card cases, and criminal cases. you want an attorney you can trust, communicate with, and relate to. There are those out there who advertise themselves as "consultants" or "Immigration Services" but are not authorized or qualified to help with immigration law-related matters. Contact a Chicago immigration lawyer at the Odeh Law Group to schedule a no hassle consultation by calling 773.609.4108 or write using this form.

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