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Our lawyers have decades of Immigration Law experience. As former government lawyers and current Chicago Immigration and Criminal Defense attorneys with over 20 years of experience, we represent immigration and criminal defense clients first by advising them with informed and accurate legal counsel; we then work closely with the clients to make sound legal choices that are in their long term interests. Our Immigration lawyers will provide an honest evaluation of your case and aggressive representation in the courtroom. Two basic paths exist for obtaining legal status in the United States. a foreign national may apply for temporary visa or permanent residence.

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Immigration options

Choosing the Right Immigration Lawyer

Our experience and knowledge of U.S. immigration laws and procedures gives us the opportunity to allow our clients to obtain temporary visas and green cards through a variety of options including; marriage, relatives, employment, investment, and the green card lottery. The most common types of visas, employment-based and family-based, will permit clients to come in to the US or remain in the United States. Employment-based visas grant a non-U.S. citizen the right to work in the United States and may allow spouses and children to sometimes accompany those employment-based immigrants. Based on an immediate relationship to a U.S. citizen, a family-based visa confers lawful permanent resident status to a foreign national.

In our line of business, we represent individuals who have previously faced, or are in fear of facing in the future violence and persecution in their homeland and are in desperate need of aggressive and responsive representation. We do everything we possible can to help them receive Asylum Visa Protection. Because immigration, deportation/removal, naturalization (citizenship) proceedings are often highly complex, we will defend your rights and represent you in all court proceedings. A Chicago Immigration Lawyer will prove invaluable to those dealing with these types of issues. We care very deeply about protecting our clients rights. We have a passion and a willingness to help people with challenging cases. We apply creative tactics to challenging issues, A Chicago immigration attorney will protect the rights of our clients, while enabling them to bring their talents to the United States.

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