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If you want to make your dream of living in the U.S. come true, like many people from around the world, getting a Green Card will allow you to enjoy all of it's benefits. 

Green Card Benefits

The most important benefit of receiving a U.S. Green Card is that it will allow you to enter the United States as a Permanent Resident, without having to deal with visas and the bureaucracy. As a Green Card holder, you can travel to all 50 US states either by air or land without anyone hassling you. 

A Green Card will give you all the rights, except voting, of US citizens without having to renounce your current citizenship. If you are interested in becoming a US citizen, you can always apply for US Citizenship after being a Green Card Holder for five years, in some cases only three years. You do not have to immediately immigrate to the US after receiving your Green Card, but it should be your intention. 

Further, there are great benefits to living and working in America:

  • The US is the number 1 economy in the world.
  • Buying and owning a home is easier than other countries, because the US has a lower cost of living in regions throughout the United States, when compared with countries like Germany. 
  • The job market in the United States is always expanding which benefits immigrants who want to join the US workforce. 
  • The U.S. economy has grown significantly over the last 10 years and will likely experience another economic boom. 


International students who want to study in the US must pay a higher tuition fees than local students. If you have a Green Card, you will not have to pay the much higher tuition fees.

  • University tuition is 80% cheaper for students who have Green Card.
  • When you have a Green Card, you don’t have to go through the long and complicated process of applying for a student visa.
  • Green Card holders can apply for student loans.

You have the choice of going to Harvard University or Berkeley or any University of your choice. The Green Card will open doors to you to be able to study at prestigious US universities. This will allow you to get a head start on achieving your American dream.


International students who are studying in the US usually cannot work in the US without prior authorization. On the other hand, Green Card holders are allowed to work anywhere they want and study. This is a significant advantage of having a Green Card because it widens the job market and expands possibilities. There are many other benefits of studying in the US. You will learn the English language from living in America, which will give you an advantage in today’s job market.


A Green Card is a permanent US work and resident permit which frees you up from having to deal with the bureaucratic process of renewing or applying for a work visa. Temporary work visas in the US require that you receive a firm job offer from a US based employer, which can be difficult to achieve. To work in the US you have to have an employer sponsor you.

  • As a Green Card holder, you will be able to pick and choose who you want to work for.
  • If you need a certain business and trade license, it will be much easier with a Green Card.
  • As a permanent resident, you will not be restricted from working like non-Americans who have to meet strict restrictions and conditions. 


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Moving to the USA as a Family

When a family member receives their Green Card, the entire family can benefit. You might be thinking, which family members can join me in the USA? Your spouse and all children unmarried and under 21 can join you in the US.

In general, Green Card holders can, under certain circumstances, apply for a visa for other family members to come with them to live in the US. The waiting period is long for these types of applications.

If you receive a Green Card and move to the US with your family, the dream of living in a big house with a garden or living in big city USA, a Green Card can have many benefits for you and your family. 


It is especially important for Green Card holders to know about the renewal process for their Permanent Residency status. With all the talk about Green Cards, it’s easy to forget the benefits of having a Green Card. 

  1. You can sponsor immediate relatives to come live in the US - Green Card holders have the option of sponsoring family members to come and live in the US with them. US immigration defines Immediate Family as unmarried children under 21 years old, parents, and spouses.
  2. Attend University for Less - Almost all universities in the United States charge international students significantly more than Permanent Residents and Citizens. Some states charge up to 80% more for international students. Having a Green card will save you a considerable amount of money in tuition. As a Green Card holder, you are also eligible to receive federal financial aid for your education. If you qualify, you can also receive financial aid from the government to pay for your studies.
  3. Contribute to political campaigns - Being active in politics in America is a ken to being virtuous. Americans consider politics as an important part of life. Although only US Citizens are able to vote in local, state, and federal elections, Green card holders can contribute financially to their favored political party.
  4. Easier travel in and out of the United States - When you have a Green Card, you don’t have to suffer what temporary and student visa holders have to go through. Anyone with a Green Card has a right to enter the US because they have permanent legal status in the country. This is why renewing your Green Card before it expires is important. If you stay outside of the country for a period in excess of 6 months, you may have problems when you try to return to the US. Immigration officials will question whether you have abandoned your US residency. It is possible for them to revoke your Green Card. If you have been outside the country for more than 6 moths, its possible to return, contact an immigration attorney.
  5. Qualify to receive Social Security Benefits - The Social Security Administration offers economic security to retired and disabled people, and their families. The benefits provided can be food, childcare assistance, financial assistance, and medical care. Permanent residents can qualify for these benefits while other non-immigrants cannot. A Green Card holder can claim retirement benefits after working in the United States for over 10 years.
  6. Better career opportunities - Another benefit of having a Green Card is your access to better career opportunities. An immigrant without a Green Card needs to be sponsored by the company they work for, while a Green Card holder is able to work at any company in the United States. In addition, they can establish a company on their own or become an entrepreneur.
  7. Much less paperwork to fill out - Unlike other work permits that have to be renewed every 1 or 2 years, a Green Card only needs to be renewed once every 10 years. You can renew your Green Card up to 6 months before your card expires.

To get rid of all the paperwork associated with renewing your green card, you can apply for citizenship. Becoming a US citizen is not easy and may require the assistance of an attorney, it is much more beneficial to become a US citizen then a Green Card holder. 

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