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Green cards for family members takes up most of the immigration system in the US. 

More than 500 thousand people from all over the world obtain Lawful Permanent Residency by being sponsored by a relative each year in the US by either a US citizen or a Green Card holder. We have videos and links below explaining the process of obtaining a green card through one of the family based preferences. 

Who Can Be Sponsored?

US Citizens can always sponsor the following family members: spouses, children, adult sons and daughters, parents and brothers and sisters. Permanent residents are limited to sponsoring spouses, children and unmarried adult sons and daughters.

Spouses, children and parents of US citizens who are all considered "Immediate Relatives" all other categories of relatives are subject to a numerically-limited preference system.

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Green Card Sponsorship Process

Sponsoring a family member for permanent residence begins when begins when the US citizen or permanent resident files an I-130 visa petition to the USCIS. When the I-130 is approved by the USCIS, the date of approval is the Priority Date, or the beneficiary's place in line and his or her family, to immigrate to the US. 

Green Cards for Family Members is divided into the following topics:


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