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As an immigrant seeking asylum, the United States is not just the land of opportunity, it represents your freedom, your life, and your only refuge from an otherwise cruel and violent world. The stakes are very high. If you lose your case for asylum in the United States, you will be forced to return to your home country and face exposure to great harm. If you win, you will have the chance to become a Legal permanent Resident and apply for U.S. Citizenship.

Wining your asylum case will not be easy. Immigrants seeking asylum come from countries across the globe. In the past ten years, the largest number of immigrants granted asylum in the U.S. were from: China-Ethiopia-Haiti-Colombia-Iraq-Nepal-Venezuela-Russia-Guatemala-Egypt. However, these are not the only countries with asylum seekers. 

Requirements for Asylum

To win asylum status, you must show fear of persecution. Various types of harm, when added together, may equal persecution. However, discrimination and ordinary harassment alone is likely not enough to prove persecution. For example, you may have been prevented from obtaining work, stopped from attending higher education, forced to live in unhealthy living conditions, deprived of your right to privacy, or made into a social outcast.

Showing the likelihood of Harm by Parts of the Government

Showing that you will be harmed by the police or army, will strengthen your asylum application and you will stand a better chance of your asylum being granted. Showing that Political zealots or religious groups will harm you and that your home countries government is unwilling or unable to control is also a strong asylum prevailing factor.

The Two Types of Asylum

(1) Affirmative Asylum Applications – USCIS Asylum Interviews

Chicago Asylum lawyer at the Odeh Law Group will help guide you through this asylum process. We will complete your asylum application, gather all the evidence necessary, and send it to U.S. Citizenship ad Immigration Services (USCIS) office which handles asylum cases for the area where you live. 

After you complete your biometrics, where your fingerprints are taken, a date is set for your asylum interview. At this interview, a USCIS officer will decide whether to approve or deny your application. We can be there for this interview.

(2) Defensive Asylum – Immigration Court Trials, Asylum Removal Defense, And Immigration Asylum Appeals

This usually happens if you are in deportation proceedings, or if your affirmative asylum application was denied and you are facing deportation. 

The government sends your case to immigration court for removal hearings. At this hearing, even if your previous asylum application was denied, you can start over by asking for asylum from the immigration judge, present new evidence, and if the judge decides that your application is still not worthy of asylum, you may be entitled to file an immigration appeal challenging the decision. 

Contact our Chicago Deportation Lawyer

Our experience and knowledge of U.S. immigration laws and procedures gives us the opportunity to allow our clients to obtain temporary visas and green cards through a variety of options including; marriage, relatives, employment, investment, and the green card lottery. 

The most common types of visas, employment-based and family-based, will permit clients to come in to the US or remain in the United States. Employment-based visas grant a non-U.S. citizen the right to work in the United States and may allow spouses and children to sometimes accompany those employment-based immigrants. Based on an immediate relationship to a U.S. citizen, a family-based visa confers lawful permanent resident status to a foreign national.

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